The workshop trains the students of all the streams by conducting practical’s and demonstrations in different trades. Trades Offered are Carpentry, Turning, Fitting, Welding, Moulding & Plumbing.

Efficient and experienced staff is imparting quality training to develop the skill needed for the student.

The workshop provides facilities for final year students to fabricate their projects. The workshop also trains students as Welders and Machinist at regular intervals under the Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics (CDTP)
The workshop also plays an active role in the maintenance of the institute facilities like furniture, machines and swiss replica rolex daytona u boat watch replica uk bugatti replica watch

Workshop Section Staff

Teaching Staff


Mr. Pranit Naik Dalal
Lecturer Workshop
M.E. (Machine Design) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Technical Staff


Mr. Mahadev V. Gawas
Workshop Instructor - Carpentary
Mr. Santosh R. Kubal
Workshop Instructor – Machine Shop
Mr. Mahesh A. Pai
Workshop Instructor – Multi Skill
Mr. Bheemasingh N. Lamani
Welding Technician
Mr. Akash S. Sawant
Workshop Instructor - Fitting
Mr. Gangaram N. Patil
Multi Tasking Staff
Mr. Narayan S. Morajkar
Multi Tasking Staff



The workshop is equipped with precision machines and equipment’s as follows:

  1.  Machine Shop
    • Lathe Machine
    • Milling Machine
    • Shaping
    • Slotting Machine
    • Radial Drilling
    • Pedestal Grinder, Bench Grinder
    • Power Hack Saw Machine
    • Measuring Instruments: Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Dial Gauge, Vernier Height gauge. 
  2. Welding Shop
    • Arc Welding
    • Gas Welding
    • Gas Cutting
    • Pug Cutting
  3.  Carpentry Shop
    1. Wood Working Lathe
    2. Universal Wood Working Machine
      • Surface Planer
      • Sizer
      • Circular Saw
      • Sander
      • Molder
    3. Hand Tools
  4.  Fitting Shop
    • Marking & Measuring Instruments: Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Dial Gauge, Vernier Height gauge
    • Pillar Drilling Machine
    • Power Hack Saw Machine
    • Bench Vice
    • Bending Machine
    • Grinder
    • Hydraulic Press
    • Files
  5.  Moulding Shop
    • Moulding Boxes
    • Moulding Tools

Industry Institute Interaction

We provide following services for all major industries

  1. Providing facility for welder’s qualification test and machining of test specimen for welder’s qualification test and welding procedure test as per various classification societies requirement
  2. Machining of Destructive Test Specimen for
    1. Root & Face Bend Test Specimen
    2. Flat Tensile Test Specimen
    3. Round Tensile Test Specimen
    4. Fillet Test Specimen
    5. Charpy V notch Test Specimen
    6. Hardness Test Specimen.
    7. Machining of Choke Fast for Tensile & Compression Test

 Any other Details:
We can provide sessions for:
Training of Welders
Machinist Training